Quick Ways to get rid of Belly Fat

Yo Ladies,

We are want to remain in shape and crave for that perfect figure , but lets admit , once the fat gets lines up , it really requires some effort to get it off..

The Belly Fat is most difficult to get it off..

But don’t worry… We have got some awesome ways to get this stubborn fat off your belly and give you a toned and sexy belly.

  1. Green Tea

There is a specific antioxidant found in green tea known as catechins – its an anti-obesity agent which helps cutting out the extra fat that you have accumulated. It also has other benefits so you can continue taking it even if you have got into shape.

2. Vinegar

Include Vinegar in your Diet . You will see good results with only 1-2 tablespoons per day .

You can mix two tablespoons of Vinegar in a Glass of water before you go to sleep . You should see its benefits in 4-6 Weeks .

3. Olive Oil

Its been found that certain compounds in Olive Oil stimulate a Hormone which signals brain that its full . It helps by controlling your appetite so that you don’t feel that hungry.

4. Lots of Water

Drink 1 Glass of Warm Water with Honey every Morning .. It would do wonders for your Belly Fat.Also , in addition drink at least 8 glass of Water Daily. Its critical to regulating your metabolic rate and helps your body

5. Aloe vera Juice

The Aleo vera is known for its fat burning properties. It contains Sterols that work on your Fat

Now This was only the Diet Part, if you want to get that fat off quickly , you do need do burn some calories and sweat.

1 . Start Jogging

Put on your running shoes and go for jogging, The more you sweat , the faster you’ll be losing the fat. Spend less time being a Couch potato.

2. Plank Exercise

1. Lie on your stomach, flat on the floor. Push up onto your forearms.
2. Bend your elbows and rest your weight on your forearms.
3. Keep your elbows under your shoulders.
4. Pull your belly button towards your spine.
5. Your body should form a flat line. Don’t let your hips sag, and don’t push your butt up—keep your body in a straight line.
6. You can do this plank on your hands instead of your elbows if you prefer (if you feel any pain or stiffness in your wrists, balance your weight on your elbows instead).

A Very Effective Way to Burn Belly Fat.

Note : This Exercise puts a strain on your back , so if you have back problems or spine issues, make sure you consult your doctor before you try it.


No Matter what you do , you need to stay consistent , taking steps for a few days and then leaving it is not going to bring any effect.

So , what are you waiting for.. You can do it.. Take Measurements , start the above remedies and see your belly fat getting down in no time

Cheers !!!

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